METABOLIC BALANCE – My Own Experience & 5 Immediate Benefits

In January 2021, I started my 3-month METABOLIC BALANCE Nutritional Programme.

The METABOLIC BALANCE Nutritional programme is much more than a weight loss programme – it’s a personalised and unique nutritional approach based on the results of your own blood tests and aimed at optimising your metabolism and helping you to adopt new eating and lifestyle habits that you can carry on for the rest of your life.

  • Energy: from WFH, Zoom and laptop fatigue to increased ‘sharpness’ and less energy dips
  • Concentration & memory: more clarity of focus and shorter to-do lists to remind me of A, X & Y
  • Digestion: improved digestion with a 5-hour break in between main meals. More in tune with my hunger and fullness cues- mindful eating 
  • Skin & hair: brighter skin and reduced hair loss
  • Cravings: reduced cravings  and more pleasure when eating – happy taste buds hitting the spot!
My own experience with the METABOLIC BALANCE Nutritional Programme

We are all different with unique physical and emotional needs, thus the METABOLIC BALANCE is not a standardised programme that may fit all

Nutritional support should be always tailored to YOU and your NEEDS so you want to optimise your nutrition and health work alongside a qualified practitioner. 

I don’t believe in magic pills, diets or fads. 

I believe in everyday nutrition that is embedded in variety, flexibility, pleasure, social interactions, self-care and mindset. 

If you are curious about the METABOLIC BALANCE Programme send me a message or go to this page for further details.