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What is Mindmoodpsychonutrition approach?

Food for the Body & Mind

KNOWLEDGE of what foods can nourish our bodies and minds and their connection with a healthy lifestyle


mindmoodpshyconutrition approach

Positive Mindset for the Heart

BELIEFS that shape the way we make sense of the world and ourselves, our physical and mental health & wellbeing


mindmoodpshyconutrition approach

Nourishment for the Soul

COURAGE, hope and faith that feeds change, growth and healing

Psychology + Spirituality

my approach

Core Values

  • Holistic
  • Integrated
  • Preventive
  • Personalised 
  • Person-centred
  • Evidence-based & informed
  • Compassionate & caring
  • Focused on change, growth & healing
  • Focused on self-discovery, reflection and learning
  • Focused on assertiveness & empowerment
  • Focused on individual an societal value creation & system change 

Liliana M.

"Cátia is an excellent professional! She took time to understand what my needs are. I felt she really cares about the job and about my wellbeing. The meal/supplement plan were really clear, easy to understand and the recipes are just delicious. I could really see the effort that she put into it. Highly recommend! Can’t wait for my next appointment."

Kate G.

" Catia is very understanding, kind, patient sympathetic and practical. Her advice combines wellness and psychologically practical cognitive tools for overcoming deep emotional trauma and daily challenges. Her optimistic yet deeply empathetic manner I have found conducive to applying positive attitudes to the difficulties that I have faced both emotionally and physically. I would recommend Catia and trust her with a broad spectrum of my well-being needs."

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