One-to-One Personalised Food Shopping

Are you looking to turn food shopping into a more enjoyable experience and feel more confident in how to put together healthy and nourishing meals?

Food is much more than taste, texture and smell; it’s a unique whole body-mind experience

How can my one-to-one personalised food shopping help you?

Choose nourishing and nutritionally balanced foods or ingredients for everyday meals and recipes

Increase food repertoire and choices

Boost confidence and cooking skills

Learn how to eat healthy on a budget

Improve knowledge on what and how to eat

Change eating behaviours

Developing a more mindful and positive relationship with food

Turn food shopping into a more joyful experience and not just a task

Make more conscious and informed food and health choices

Save time and money

One-to-One Personalised Food Shopping

Who can benefit?



  • Well-known health food stores such as WholeFoods, Planet Organic, As Nature as Intended or Revital

  • Local grocery store/farmers market or supermarkets (e.g. Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Aldi, Lidl).


  • £50 (up to 120 minutes – can include a brief face to face session to consolidate suggestions/changes/knowledge)


  • Limited to central London (within zone 1-2) – extended to zones 3-6 for an extra cost of £10


  • Also available during weekday evenings and weekends.

What people are saying...

“I would highly recommend food shopping with Catia. It truly made me feel much more informed and confident in the choices I was making around food. Catia taught me more about the nutritional value in foods, gave me lots of inspiration for new recipes, and gave me guidance on how to pick new products. I also found it very reassuring that Catia really encouraged me to focus on the enjoyment that I should get from food, and to pick items that I truly enjoy!”

Clarissa R.
November 2021

Catia, was an incredible nutritionist to me. We started on my journey about late January where I explained about all my stomach problems and emotions. Immediately she was very understanding and supportive, also incredible positive that we were to sort out my problems. As a result, 6 months later, I had my final session with her where I thanked her for completely changing the entire way I feel. Here are some of the ways in which Catia helped me. We broke everything down by giving up bunch of food groups for a certain amount of time so that I could rule out if there was anything my stomach could potentially be allergic or have a reaction to. Another fabulous experience was that Catia came with me to my very own supermarket, and we shopped together. This was just amazing because now when I go in alone, I remember all the things we talked about and what are the better options to buy. Catia not only has her recipes on an Instagram page so that are incredibly easy to follow when you need inspiration. Also, when you join with her you can get access to these fabulous welcome packs, which give you breakfast ideas and typed up notes on how you feel so that you can have a record of it and watch your progress. I strongly recommend Catia as she is so great to work with and incredibly supportive. I loved my time with her and she has very seriously changed my life because I can happily know what to eat and it is no longer stressful with stomach problems, it’s been made easy.

Another experience
October 2022