Here's what some of my lovely clients have to say:

I am so lucky to have chosen Catia as my nutritionist. If I could I would give her 100 stars. She is amazing to work with her guide is amazing but what I loved about her is that she is realistic and you can talk to her in an open way. Thank you Catia
Delia G.
June, 2020
Catia is very understanding, kind, patient sympathetic and practical. Her advice combines wellness and psychologically practical cognitive tools for overcoming deep emotional trauma and daily challenges. Her optimistic yet deeply empathetic manner I have found conducive to applying positive attitudes to the difficulties that I have faced both emotionally and physically. I would recommend Catia and trust her with a broad spectrum of my well-being needs.
Kate G.
February, 2021
Catia supported me virtually whilst I was living abroad and then during the UK COVID lockdowns. I was nervous and skeptical at first about the level of support I would be able to receive through only online sessions, but I am so pleased I started working with Catia as she is brilliant! She takes a holistic approach and so I felt supported in all areas on my life. She really helped me emotionally, but also with nutrition and improving my relationship with food. She also pointed me in the direction of websites, shops, apps, and motivational quotes which I use on a daily basis to help with my health and wellbeing. Especially during a health crisis like we are experiencing now, I can't recommend the lovely and supportive Catia enough for support in all areas of life!
Hannah E.
January, 2021
For my first experience of having therapy, I suppose that I was lucky enough to get a great psychologist such as Cátia. I started my sessions with Cátia as I have been struggling with high levels of anxiety and I needed to find personalised support and reliable source of information to help me tackle this issue – random internet advice and affirmations were not working effectively enough for my benefit. Thus, sitting with a human being who is knowledgeable about mental health issues and able to understand what is happening with you is the first step in a good direction to have the motivation for a life change. I am having a positive experience with Cátia as she is not only professional but also easy to talk too, friendly, and non-judgemental and she seems to be concerned genuinely with her patients/clients.
During my sessions, presential and online, we delve into the source of my anxiety, and she uses various useful diagrams to explain different processes involved during a state of anxiety, making me reflect and connect specific past events in my life that could influence and impact my mental health. She has been providing me with strategies to cope with my anxiety, and improve my self-esteem, confidence, and general well-being. What I find more interesting about Cátias’ work is her holistic approach while dealing with her patients/clients. I remember that when I started my sessions, she requested my GP's contact details, considering that a person-centred care should be provided, making sure that the main health professionals should be involved while I am focussing in improving my general health. By having this holistic approach, I believe that Cátia is making a difference in many people’s lives, such as in my life. Since I started my sessions, the strategies I have been learning so far have been helping me to cope with my anxiety and my eating habits are changing gradually. I strongly believe that I am going in the right direction to my optimal body-mind health. As a nutritional therapist, she not only explores mental health issues but also has a general approach to our health, seeking to provide a sort of mental-physical health marriage. From my own experience, I believe that this is a great method when someone is looking into making permanent life changes or long-term lifestyle changes. During my MOT session with Cátia, she offered me valuable recommendations about my eating habits and improvements I should implement. Besides, advice on the best food brands was given. She helped me to recognise and remember the health benefits of some food according to the health problem that I am suffering from. Throughout the MOT session, I could ask questions and she explained, in a simple way, about some of the changes that I should make immediately. Additionally, while reading her book, there were valuable tips on maximising my general well-being, being another source of evidence-based science.
H. Rosário
October, 2022
I have really enjoyed working with Catia over the last few months. Over this time, my perception of food and the idea of “health” has truly changed for the better. What I love about Catia’s approach is that she focuses on a holistic view of health in our lives, something that we have to take care of both mentally and physically. I have worked with her to not only improve my relationship with food, but also in terms of my general well-being, such as reducing stress and improving sleep. Not only is Catia extremely informed, she is very kind and patient. She is always very helpful in answering any questions I have as well as providing me with support.
November, 2021
I was suffering from anxiety, mild depression and experiencing some long covid symptoms. I had a few sessions with Catia and she helped formulate an eating plan to help with the fatigue and depression I was experiencing. Catia was fantastic and I felt supported and cared for during the time she helped me. Catia prescribed high quality vitamins and tonics along with an eating plan. I continue to benefit from this advice after the sessions have completed, and am very grateful!
Emma B.
November, 2021
I have been working with Catia on and off for the past couple of years, and I can honestly say the results are life-changing. I have been able to learn to listen to my body and feel better about myself, while blending that with a sense of general well-being.
I am always impressed with Catia's ability to make me feel comfortable, her way of explaining each process so that it's relatable, and all the choices she offers me so that I can make informed choices but also work with what feels best for me.
A lot of my previous experience with nutrition and self-improvement involved feeling bad, making sacrifices, and having an impact that didn't last very long. With Catia, it feels like I am developing a discipline and resilience in my life that is healthy and sustainable, and above all long-lasting.
Jonathan P.
June, 2022

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