Health & Wellbeing Workshops & Courses

I’m passionate about system change and creating value through education and learning

Over the last two years I have been creating and delivering workshops and courses for the general public and also for different organisations

Below are examples of some my workshops and courses

Actions for happiness: the wellbeing series

Actions for happiness is a series of 8 wellbeing workshops in partnership with Respeito, Lambeth Wellbeing Project and London Community Foundation.

Respeito is a charity dedicated to reduce domestic abuse in the Portuguese speaking community by raising awareness of its negative impact and by providing training, support and information to empower people to become agents for change.  

The first workshop will focus on self-esteem and self-confidence to promote wellbeing and emotional resilience amongst the Portuguese speaking community.

First workshop:

24th September, 2022
at Health Foundry, London, United Kingdom

Next workshop dates:

8th of October
12th of November
10th of December 2022

*All workshops are free of charge and in Portuguese

Follow Respeito or my Instagram and LinkedIn accounts for updates on the next workshops.

The art of eating well: eat to thrive

The art of eating well: eat to thrive is a 90-minute workshop/talk where participants will learn and reflect on the principles of Mindful and Intuitive Eating and how they can incorporate these into their daily lives, promoting optimal health and nutrition.

Guest workshop, 13.07.22 at The Bridge, London, United Kingdom

Next workshop dates:
24th November 2022, 6.30pm BST – Book your ticket HERE 


Action for Happiness is a 90-minute self-development workshop designed to help people reflect and develop emotional resilience to face life and modern world challenges and create happiness within themselves and others around them.

Participants will learn about what Neurobiology, Psychology and Spirituality have to say about happiness as well as strategies and tools to develop their emotional resilience and lead happier lives.

Find this workshop regularly at Augmentive.

Next workshop dates:
6/6/2022, 6.30pm BST – Action for Happiness – Augmentive


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Everyday Nutrition: Boost your mental health & wellbeing

Everyday Nutrition is a one-day training where participants will learn about how Nutrition can contribute to optimal mental health and wellbeing through the understanding how habits are formed and the relationship between what we eat and how we feel.

Find this training BGPS.

Next workshop dates:
7th December 2022, 9.30am BST

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If you would like to know more about my workshops and courses

Emily U.

"I’m really glad I signed up for the Action for Happiness workshop, Catia was engaging and fun and is knowledgeable on so many levels. It was a lovely bit of connection in a safe space with honest and kind participants which made it a really special thing to be involved in. I learnt a lot from Catia and had the opportunity to share and talk with others and learn from them as well , I hope there is another and I will look forward to it."

Meena M.

"The happiness workshop that I attended with you was an excellent way to begin the year. The workshop was engaging and I loved the way you involved all of the participants. The techniques you used, had us think both critically and intuitively. I also loved the exercises, how you encouraged us to give compliments to one another, and to learn to embrace and accept such compliments with much joy! The knowledge you have about our mind (neurology), body, nutrition and health is impeccable! Your presentation style and delivery was easy to understand and the content was engaging and fulfilling, thank you!."

Ren L.

"Wow what a fantastic and well-rounded workshop experience. It really was about 'taking action' even within the workshop itself. I felt so warmly welcomed by Catia who seems full of empathy and compassion. I felt we were each in safe hands as each participants' contribution was so incredibly valued. She held the space really well for each of us. Because of this I was made to feel at ease with strangers and learned so much from the presentation and the discussion Catia facilitated. I especially appreciated the visceral nature of some of the exercises, giving credence to the fact that we all learn in different ways. Hugely empowering workshop not be be missed."

Sara S.

"I attended the Action for happiness workshop with Catia Soares and I certainly recommend it to everyone looking to improve self care and wellbeing. More than the useful information I took away, this was a space to reflect on my own journey, actions and further steps I can take to live a happier life. For me this was much more than a workshop. Thank you Catia. I'm looking forward to the next one. "