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Meet Mindmoodpsychonutrition

Hi! I’m Cátia the person behind Mindmoodpsychonutrition

I support people and organisations to lead more fulfilling and happier lives.

Mindmoodpsychonutrition is the result of an ongoing determination to help others in a more holistic way and be part of their profound journey of change, grow and healing.

Eating it is much more than a simple physiological process.

It is also about the taste, textures and smells, 

the memories 

the thoughts and emotions towards food.

A holistic approach of health and wellbeing is therefore essential.

When we realise that we can no longer separate the body from the mind and the spirit we are awaken to the infinite possibilities of change, growth and healing.

How canI help you?

Nutritional Psychology / Nutrition & Mental Health

Emotional & mental health

Stress/anxiety, depression, complex trauma

stress fatigue burnout

Brain & cognitive health

Memory, learning, ADHD

mindfull eating

Gut health

IBS, SIBO, food allergies/intolerances

weight management

Weight management & mindful eating

sleep imbalances

Fatigue & sleep issues

recovering from alcohol or drugs

Addiction issues

Health & wellbeing writing

Testing & supplementation

Health & wellbeing writing

1:1 personalised food shopping

Workplace & community wellbeing

Health & wellbeing writing

Content creation & consultancy

Health & wellbeing writing

Lovely words

Clarissa R.

"What I love about Catia’s approach is that she focuses on a holistic view of health in our lives, something that we have to take care of both mentally and physically."

Fleur B.

"Through weekly psychology sessions my mental health has improved enormously, Catia has helped me to grow in confidence, make sense of the past and find ways to move forwards, always with compassion and understanding."

Joana P.

"For years I been battle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, since I had my appointment with Catia, I've seen an improvement in my quality of life. She made a plan, easy to follow, made recommendations about healthy products and where to find it. I'm extremely grateful for the passion and effort she has for her patients."

Emma B.

"Catia was fantastic and I felt supported and cared for during the time she helped me. Catia prescribed high quality vitamins and tonics along with an eating plan. I continue to benefit from this advice after the sessions have completed, and am very grateful! "

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