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Meet Cátia

Hi! I'm Cátia the person behind Mindmoodpsychonutrition

I support people to lead fulfilling and happier lives.
Mindmoodpsychonutrition is the result of an ongoing determination to keep helping others in a more  holistic way and be part of their profound journey of happiness and wellness.

How canI help you?

Nutritional Psychology / Nutrition & Mental Health

Emotional & mental health

Stress, anxiety, depression, complex trauma/PTSD

stress fatigue burnout

Brain & Cognitive Health

Memory, learning, ADHD

mindfull eating

Gut Health

IBS, SIBO, acid reflux and heartburn

weight management

Weight management & mindful eating

sleep imbalances

Fatigue & sleep issues

recovering from alcohol or drugs

Addiction issues

Lovely words

Clarissa R.

"What I love about Catia’s approach is that she focuses on a holistic view of health in our lives, something that we have to take care of both mentally and physically."

Fleur B.

"Through weekly psychology sessions my mental health has improved enormously, Catia has helped me to grow in confidence, make sense of the past and find ways to move forwards, always with compassion and understanding."

Sude K.

"I have learnt a lot about myself thanks to Catia and I am glad she is the one supporting me in my journey. She fulfills everything I could possibly ask for in every single therapy session."

Kate G.

"Catia is very understanding, kind, patient sympathetic and practical. Her advice combines wellness and psychologically practical cognitive tools for overcoming deep emotional trauma and daily challenges. "