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Are you ready to be the protagonist of your own life by balancing your emotional wellbeing, changing your mindset and conquering positive physical health?

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Meet Cátia

Hi! I'm Cátia the person behind Mindmoodpsychonutrition

I support people to lead fulfilling and happier lives.
Mindmoodpsychonutrition is the result of an ongoing determination to keep helping others in a more  holistic way and be part of their profound journey of happiness and wellness.

How canI help you?

Nutritional Psychology / Nutrition & Mental Health

Emotional & mental wellbeing

stress fatigue burnout

Stress, fatigue and burnout

mindfull eating

Mindful eating

sleep imbalances

Sleep imbalances

weight management

Weight management

recovering from alcohol or drugs

Recovery from alcohol/drugs dependency

Lovely words

“What I love about Catia’s approach is that she focuses on a holistic view of health in our lives, something that we have to take care of both mentally and physically.”


“Catia was not only lovely and friendly, but extremely professional & comprehensive.”

Jonathan P.

“Catia was fantastic and I felt supported and cared for during the time she helped me.”

Emma B.