My Favourite 5 Foods of All

Congratulations for going through January and February (these are typically ‘difficult’ months for most people and no doubt they have been definitely harder with a 3rd lockdown) and thank you for continuing to follow and support me on my social media channels. 

Who doesn’t love March? 

March marks the Beginning of Spring

As the days become longer so our sense of lightness, joy, hope and courage

I was born in March, thus March has always meant a lot for me. Contrary to January or September I see March as a month of revaluation, renewal and recharge. 

After quite deep-thinking articles in February, I hope to bring you Spring and a little bit more about myself in this week’s article ⁣ with one of my favourite topics: food

I’m sure all of you have your favourite foods. Foods that you need to have on a regular basis and don’t imagine your life without.
As I’m a true believer of balance and flexibility in everything in life including nutrition, the list below is a reflection of someone that behind the Psychologist and Nutritional Therapist persona, is with no doubts a real person like you. 

  • Tahini: As you must have seen from my latest posts, I’m a true lover of Tahini aka sesame seed paste. I can add tahini to everything, from savoury to sweet dishes, dressings and smoothies. By the way, have you tried my Tahini morning smoothie? Click here for the recipe and tag me on your beautiful recreations. 
  • Fish & Seafood: I consider myself privileged for growing up in a Mediterranean country (Portugal) with the best fresh fish and seafood. Favourites: cuttlefish, octopus and squid but I also don’t say no to a beautiful grilled sea bream, swordfish or tuna steak. 
  • Pizza: Yes, Pizza! I’m not a big fan of pasta as surprising it may sound but I do like my pizza – a lot! When I talk about Pizza I mean the Italian style vs. the American style – few but good quality ingredients such as parma ham, mozzarella, tomatoes, rocket and ideally Flor di Latte sauce (white sauce instead of tomato sauce). 
  • Chocolate: Interesting fact about my chocolate passion: I wasn’t a big fan of chocolate until I grew older. I only liked Kinder Bueno or Bounty as a child (these days my 93-year old grandma still buys Kinder Bueno for all my little cousins as a sweet treat). Food is for sure a whole body-mind experience and your taste buds can change overtime. I’m a big fan of dark chocolate though (the bitter the better! I can easily eat 100%) and also white chocolate or chocolate with sea salt, pistachio, peanut butter or limoncello on it. I will definitely say no to milk chocolate or chocolate with nuts so if you want to buy me chocolates please bear this in mind!
  • Last but not the least important is: fruits and vegetables. Also part of my Mediterranean upbringing was eating fresh fruit and vegetables everyday. I mean the colours of the rainbow daily. Favourite fruits and vegetables: blackberries, strawberries and figs/ broccoli, beetroot and rocket. I always need a side salad or a portion of vegetables with everything I eat including pizza – yes, I always add a handful of rocket on my pizza. 

What are your 5 favourite foods? I would love to see your comments below.