5 Actions for Happiness

I’m a true believer that spirituality can play an important part in our lives bringing forth our unique potential and encouraging us to remain hopeful and courageous, particularly in times of crisis and adversity. COVID-19 has put our lives on hold and more than ever hope and courage is needed to continue living meaningful and happy lives. 

For this week’s post I was inspired by Action for Happiness, a charity and a movement founded in 2010 in the UK whose patron is the Dalai Lama. Action for Happiness defines itself as ‘a movement of people committed to building a happier and more caring society’ (Action for Happiness, 2021). 

Likewise Action for Happiness I encourage you to try to create more happiness around you: within your family, circle of friends, workplace or local community. 

Nonetheless, always remember:

Happiness starts within yourself and it is within yourself that any collective happiness can be created. 

Being happy or happier is a committed choice and decision for life that requires daily self-awareness and agency. 

Choose to be happy with my top 5 core actions for Happiness

Self-love: deeply love and accept yourself for who you are – there will always be behaviours, beliefs or habits that you would like to change or improve. Aiming for perfection is neither realistic or sustainable – remember to be kind and compassionate to yourself. You can read more about this on my article: An Essay on Love.

Goals & determinations: having something to look forward, achieve or be passionate and enthusiastic about is fuel for joy, happiness, self-esteem, motivation and agency. 

Slow down: life shouldn’t be a constant race so peace yourself by engaging in mindful activities (e.g. yoga, meditation, dancing), taking regular time-off and allowing yourself to relax, stay still and be in the moment. Ongoing stress and lack of rest/fun can impact your sleep, your immune, digestive and nervous systems and ultimately your mental and emotional health. Work-life balance is action for happiness. 

Stay connected: social isolation can impact your ability to create happiness in yourself and others. Nurture your existing relationships and challenge yourself to meet new people, smile/talk to strangers or make compliments – these days staying connected is easier than ever. 

Create value in society: creating value in society is much more than volunteering or being part of a humanitarian cause or organisation. It also means saying hello to your new neighbour, supporting a friend who is struggling, recycling your rubbish or shopping locally.  

Go to Action for Happiness Website if you want to know more about Action for Happiness and want to get involved.