Pathway to Resilience: Emotional Resilience


Life is made of ups and downs and emotional resilience is not going to eliminate stress or life challenges. 

Strengthening your emotional resilience will enable you to accept and deal with stress and hardships and live through adversity with strong and powerful inner motivation to conquer any obstacle that you may be faced with. 

But, how can you develop your emotional resilience and feel more equipped to deal with life challenges?

1. Emotional regulation

The ability to take charge and manage your emotional responses, i.e. to keep your emotions in check by noticing and monitoring how you feel so you are able to adjust and respond to your emotions in healthier ways.

Daily positive self-affirmations, breathing exercises, meditation, rest and relaxation, journaling and gratitude.  

2. Positive outlook

Keeping a positive and optimistic attitude towards adversities enables you to turn obstacles into opportunities for self-growth and transformation in your life. A  more positive outlook fosters self-agency, motivation and determination to win life challenges no matter what. 

Focus on the positives, daily gratitude, laughter/fun, exercise and positive social interactions.

Supportive relationships

Even though you may be going through a hard time, having someone who continuously cheers you up and supports and nurtures you directly impacts your courage, hope and optimism to overcome obstacles.

Accept and be honest and open about the challenges you are going through and reach out and seek support from family, friends, mental health professionals or support groups/associations.

emotional resilience

If you need support building up your emotional resilience, get in touch and let’s talk.