Courage, Faith & Hope

Hi everyone,

I’m writing to all of you from home.

Home is now Portugal for a good couple of days and how grateful I am for being able to be here with my loved ones when many of you won’t be able to experience the same this year. 

2020 has been definitely a very unique, unusual and demanding year for all of us in so many ways – many of you may have lost your loved ones, jobs, homes or businesses or your sense of certainty and security, direction or future or motivation to keep going. These are hard times for sure and I’m not here to sugarcoat the reality that we are still faced with. But, instead of being another person reminding you how hard and challenging this year has been, I can be that someone that can encourage you to keep advancing in life with courage, faith and hope. To be even more creative, ambitious and happier than you ever been and to break through from old habits, relationships or people that no longer serve you. 

I’m aware that courage, faith and hope can be difficult concepts to grasp or put into action in your daily life particularly when everything seems to change from one moment to another. They may sound too farfetch for the common mortal or removed from reality, extracted from a self-help book or a spiritual guru that promises a quick and easy fix that is going to transform your life in seconds.

There are no quick fixes and we all know that. Thus, like proteins are the body’s building blocks, courage, faith and hope are the building blocks of the consistent efforts to achieve happiness and positive change in our lives. They require daily work, and moreover they require what we sometimes fear most – taking action and responsibility for our lives – so much easier to cost along or take the easiest road, right? Or even I dare to say put all the blame and focus on Coronavirus? (and yes, I went self-employed in the middle of the pandemia! How insane?!- some may say).

Courage, faith and hope without action are purely abstract concepts. Courage, faith and hope are the fuel for action and happiness – from waking up in the morning when the weather is gloomy and all we want is to stay in bed, from saying ‘NO’ to that friend or boss with unrealistic demands or to the dream of a 2021 Spring full of blossoming flowers and rays of sunshine. Courage, faith and hope are also the fuel for creation, transformation and revolution within ourselves and in the world. 

For this Christmas and 2021 (and for the rest of your lives), I encourage you to choose courage, faith and hope instead of fear, anxiety and hopelessness and take action to pursue your true and absolute (and not relative – topic for another post!) happiness. 

Happiness exists and it can exist. 

It is the only certainty we can all be sure right now.