Workshops, talks & training designed to support the specific needs of frontline staff and service users in the social care sector (e.g. eating on a budget/foods to support recovery from alcohol & drugs use, staff self-care & wellbeing, stress & anxiety management)

Eat, Sleep & Repeat: How to Break the Cycle with everyday Nutrition, Self-Care & Mindset 

In a fast-paced society like ours and working in compassionate roles supporting people in distress and experiencing multi-disadvantages, it is easy to become trapped in a ‘eat, sleep & repeat pattern’, where compassion for ourselves can become secondary. 

This training aims to raise participants’ awareness and understanding about how habits are formed as well as the daily nutritional, self-care and mindset strategies can be put into place to boost overall wellbeing and happiness. This training covers the following topics: 

– Eat with your conscious mind & where and how habits are formed 

– Food for the Brain & Mind and the Gut-Brain-Axis 

– The science of sleep and dietary and lifestyle tools for S.M.A.R.T. sleep – Stress & Anxiety management: 7 key strategies and tools 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs overview and other key forms of self-care Mindset as a muscle and its main building blocks 

Details & Prices 

– Eat, Sleep & Repeat can be offered as a half-day/bite-size training or tailored to staff’s team needs (e.g. more focus on nutrition than mindset) 

– Eat, Sleep & Repeat is available online via Zoom or face-to-face (following current COVID governmental guidelines)

– The training price includes a 30-minute Free-Wellbeing Boost session per attendee (worth of £45) and free access to weekly Mindmoodpsychonutrition Newsletter

Full-day training (up to 6 hours): £600

Half-day training (up to 4 hours): £500

Bite-size training (up to 2 hours): £200

‘Catia’s training on nutrition and self-care was a complete eye opener; she gave our team all the necessary information on how to look after ourselves from a diet perspective, from a generic overview to more specific knowledge which was extremely well received by the team. We all felt we could easily apply this knowledge to our daily lives and change our routines to improve our nutrition and diet so we can live a healthier lifestyle. It was great – we wish it had been longer! 

Blanca B. – Service Manager, St.Mungo’s
February 2021

Additional Services:

– Community wellness, consultancy and education can also include a drop-in or a pre-booked Eat Well Feel Well Clinic available to clients (30 minutes individual slots, for 2 hours) which can be set up online/over the phone or face to face in community outreach settings such as hostels, youth centres, drop-ins, alcohol and drug services or other appropriate settings/venues (following current COVID governmental guidelines) 

– One-to-one staff Nutritional MOT consultations: £70 (worth of £130 originally) exclusive offer for staff in the social care sector (these consultations are one-off consultations up to 60-minutes; a simple and easy to implement 5 S.M.A.R.T. nutritional and lifestyle plan will be provided after the consultation – additional 30-minute follow-ups can be purchased at £50)


Eat Well Feel Well Clinic: Remotely (2 hours) – £100; Face to face £200

No VAT is added to the prices above 

All services can be offered for both English and Portuguese speakers

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