Here's what some of my lovely clients have to say:

I am so lucky to have chosen Catia as my nutritionist. If I could I would give her 100 stars. She is amazing to work with her guide is amazing but what I loved about her is that she is realistic and you can talk to her in an open way. Thank you Catia
Delia G.
June, 2020
I know the idea of life-changing seems hyperbolic, but I can honestly say working with Catia has changed my life. I have spent the last year coming to terms with grief, alongside a challenging university course. Not only did I end up putting on weight, I also felt awful. Tired, bloated, unmotivated. I thought I was eating ‘well’ but kept feeling the same. I thought the answer was skipping meals or going veggie, but still… nothing changed. I tried therapists and personal trainers and they were no help. In a moment of desperation, I came online during lockdown because everything had gotten worse and I wasn’t sleeping well, I was putting on more weight and just felt bloated and horrible. Catia was not only lovely and friendly, but extremely professional & comprehensive. From the form I filled out, she managed to put together a complete overhaul of my dietary habits, and some aspects of self-care, and then went over them with me to ensure I understood and was happy with everything. The best bit has been I feel like I am actually eating more now! I have so much choice. I no longer feel bloated, I have lost weight, my skin looks amazing. I can’t recommend working with her enough.
Jonathan P.
June, 2020
Catia is very understanding, kind, patient sympathetic and practical. Her advice combines wellness and psychologically practical cognitive tools for overcoming deep emotional trauma and daily challenges. Her optimistic yet deeply empathetic manner I have found conducive to applying positive attitudes to the difficulties that I have faced both emotionally and physically. I would recommend Catia and trust her with a broad spectrum of my well-being needs.
Kate G.
February, 2021
Catia supported me virtually whilst I was living abroad and then during the UK COVID lockdowns. I was nervous and skeptical at first about the level of support I would be able to receive through only online sessions, but I am so pleased I started working with Catia as she is brilliant! She takes a holistic approach and so I felt supported in all areas on my life. She really helped me emotionally, but also with nutrition and improving my relationship with food. She also pointed me in the direction of websites, shops, apps, and motivational quotes which I use on a daily basis to help with my health and wellbeing. Especially during a health crisis like we are experiencing now, I can't recommend the lovely and supportive Catia enough for support in all areas of life!
Hannah E.
January, 2021
Cátia is the type of professional, you need to have when your body and mind are saying that something is not quite right! For years I been battle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, since I had my appointment with Catia, I've seen an improvement in my quality of life. She made a plan, easy to follow, made recommendations about healthy products and where to find it. I'm extremely grateful for the passion and effort she has for her patients.
Joana P.
December, 2020
I have really enjoyed working with Catia over the last few months. Over this time, my perception of food and the idea of “health” has truly changed for the better. What I love about Catia’s approach is that she focuses on a holistic view of health in our lives, something that we have to take care of both mentally and physically. I have worked with her to not only improve my relationship with food, but also in terms of my general well-being, such as reducing stress and improving sleep. Not only is Catia extremely informed, she is very kind and patient. She is always very helpful in answering any questions I have as well as providing me with support.
November, 2021
I was suffering from anxiety, mild depression and experiencing some long covid symptoms. I had a few sessions with Catia and she helped formulate an eating plan to help with the fatigue and depression I was experiencing. Catia was fantastic and I felt supported and cared for during the time she helped me. Catia prescribed high quality vitamins and tonics along with an eating plan. I continue to benefit from this advice after the sessions have completed, and am very grateful!
Emma B.
November, 2021

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