Personalised Meal Planning & Grocery Store Face to Face Tours or Online Shopping Remote Service

A personalised 7-day meal plan suited to your specific goals and needs: from managing your weight, to boost your nervous system, to balance your emotions, to promote optimal sleep and energy levels or reset your metabolism. 

A personalised meal plan includes meal ideas and/or recipes for your 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and snacks, if required. 
Plans can be used for a month with meals in rotation and any adjustments are complementary.
A shopping list tailored to your budget and nutritional/lifestyle tips (e.g. cooking methods; how to store cooking oils) are also included.

A personalised meal plan it’s also a great idea to save time and money for those who have a busy lifestyle and need support to learn, prepare and to eat in a balanced and nutritious way: from the University student, to the mother of 2, to the night-shift worker.
Grocery Store Face to Face Tours are a great addition to the meal plans or as a stand-alone service for those who simply don’t have enough time or you have just started their health journey and need support to become more familiarised and confident with new recipes, foods or products. Grocery store face to face tours can be also a fun & sensorial experience – food is much more than taste, texture and smell; it’s an unique whole body-mind experience. 

The personalised 7-meal plan is priced at £200. 

The grocery store face to face tours is priced  at £50 (up to 90 minutes)

Online shopping remote service is priced at £40