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Psychology is the study of human behaviour and how we experience ourselves, others and the world around us. Psychology is also focused on our emotional make-up and on our mental structures and mechanisms, essential in a fast-paced society where robust emotional and mental resilience is vital to deal with day to day life and the challenges we may face.

Naturopathic Nutrition combines the sciences of biochemistry and nutrition with natural therapies and lifestyle changes in order to help you maintain a good state of health. Naturopathic Nutrition is holistic because it aims to work with the person as a whole, addressing the underlying imbalances that may be impacting on health, rather than just acting on symptoms. Protocols are tailored to each person’s unique needs, taking into account lifestyle, ethics and food preferences. Where necessary, diet, psychosocial & lifestyle advice/support are combined with a program of supplements, herbs and natural remedies aimed at addressing any imbalances. 

Thus, my approach is a combination of these 3 disciplines and their key principles, always focused on a collaborative person-centered relationship that sees and supports people holistically.

Additionally, I have a particular passion and interest in weight management, mindful eating and in nutritional interventions to support positive emotional/mental health as well as in Energy Medicine, Buddhism, Mindfulness and Compassionate Focused/ Humanistic Therapy and Trauma Informed Approach.

As each person is unique you and I will decide on what pathway to take, what to prioritise first or what and how we can integrate Psychology, Nutritional Psychology and Nutritional Therapy to best meet your physical and emotional needs and promote optimal health and wellbeing.

I offer 3 to 6 months session packages (both remotely and face to face) as well as weekly personalised meal plans, grocery store face to face tours and online remote services, and individual holistic psychosocial support. If required, I will work alongside GP’s and other health/holistic professionals involved in the client’s physical and emotional care. I’m a true believer of collaborative work and joint efforts for the client’s best interest and overall health and wellbeing. 

I also offer a 3 to 6 month Metabolic Balance Nutritional Programme. This programme will not be suited to all clients and a pre-assessment consultation is required to assess if this programme is the right fit. 

The Metabolic Balance Nutritional Programme is a personalised, evidence-based and health award-winning natural metabolic rebalancing programme developed by Dr. Wolf Funfack in Germany in 2002. The Metabolic Balance Nutritional Programme is an individualised food plan based on the unique person’s blood haematology & biochemistry test results. From the combination of unique blood test results, personal information and a nutrient database, an individual meal plan with the right foods for that individual will be created to support their metabolic balancing journey. The key concepts in this programme are adequate protein and dietary fats and limited carbohydrate intake as well as 3 main meals per day with no snacks and moderate exercise. 

This nutritional programme is much more than a weight loss programme; it’s a sustainable and optimal plan for life that can be also used to optimise overall metabolism for a variety of other clinical outcomes (e.g. balancing blood sugars and hormones, increase energy levels, type 2 diabetes, stress and anxiety management). 


  • 3-month package – £600
  • 6-month package – £700
  • Weekly Personalised Meal Plan – £200
  • Grocery store face to face tours or online remote services – £40
  • Holistic Individual Psychological/Psychosocial Support (£80 per session)
  • One and off consultations to staff in the health & social care sector are available at a discounted price of £90
  • Metabolic Balance Nutritional Programme – 3 months (£1350); 6 months (£1950) 
  • Payment facilities are available for all services

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