Holistic psychological/Psychosocial Support

My ‘Holistic Psychological/Psychosocial Support’ consultation⁣ is a 60 minute session, aimed at those whose priority is rebalancing their emotional and mental health (e.g. stress & anxiety management, depression/low moods, self-esteem/confidence) but also require some nutritional and lifestyle support & tips to optimise their physical health and wellbeing⁣.

In this consultation I will support you building and expanding your own tools towards greater emotional resilience during uncertain and stressful times but also show you how to feed a positive mindset, gut and nervous system.

I offer an integrative approach that combines evidence-based psychological techniques and models (e.g. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Compassionate-Focused Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy) with the principles of Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy and Lifestyle Preventive Medicine. 

Each single session is priced at £80 (60-minutes) but you can also purchase a series of 4, 8 or 12 sessions upfront  (priced at £320, £640, £960 respectively). 
Together we will decide on the frequency of your sessions and what option suits you best and review this throughout our collaborative journey. Each person is unique as well as their needs thus no minimum or maximum number of sessions are a prerequisite to start working together. However, consistency can be key for long-lasting changes and to aid the process of self-discovery and self-understanding. 

Note that for in-depth Nutritional & Lifestyle support a Holistic Nutritional Therapy package is recommended.

I have been working with Catia for a while now and her support has been invaluable to me; I could not recommend her more highly. I started working with Catia when I was struggling with anxiety and depression. Through weekly psychology sessions my mental health has improved enormously, Catia has helped me to grow in confidence, make sense of the past and find ways to move forwards, always with compassion and understanding. Catia has also helped me with my nutrition, together we have addressed my allergies/ intolerances, worked on weekly meal plans and supplementation. I love that Catia is able to provide a holistic approach to my health and wellbeing. Catia is really accommodating, for example she is still able to support me with Skype sessions when I’m travelling. When particular challenges or circumstances have arisen she’s gone out of her way to support me. Catia has also been really helpful about liasing with other health care practitioners, such as my GP, as well as working with my school and university. I feel so grateful to have found Catia and have her support.

Fleur B.
January 2021

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